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Welcome to my website. A place for all of my colourful, fun and silly, hand drawn illustrations, cartoons and comics.

"A unique style, characterised by whimsical avians, embracing the nonsense and simple pleasures of everyday life, to find little bits of fun, in almost every moment."


I live with my cat Minnie. She is a big source of inspiration with her silly garden antics, easily observed from my studio window. She loves galavanting with the trees, birds, squirrels and plants. 


Making pictures was constant through all of this. Perhaps I should have mentioned before, that I have always drawn. I've a library archive of notepads in my basement, I am sure will be useful one day. 

In 2019 I created Bird & Pals because I had come to realise that I couldn’t stop drawing, bombarding my instagram with comic strips and sending my friends perhaps, too regular post. 


I want to make people laugh and that is why my drawings are silly.

They make me laugh. I think that nonsense is the best thing for that. 

I love nothing more than evoking feelings of happiness and fun with my Bird and Pals creations. 

Bird and Cat
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