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Welcome to my website. A place for all of my colourful, fun and silly, hand drawn illustrations, cartoons and comics.


I live with my cat Minnie. She is a big source of inspiration with her silly garden antics, easily observed from my studio window. She loves galavanting with the trees, birds, squirrels and plants. 

I studied Fine Art but then spent some years doing other things. From working as a Waitress in a Cocktail Bar (couldn't resist) to marketing for Coca-Cola, to Stand-up Comedian and lots more in-between.


Making pictures was constant through all of this. Perhaps I should have mentioned before, that I have always drawn. I've a library archive of notepads in my basement, I am sure will be useful one day. 

In 2019 I created Bird & Pals because I had come to realise that I couldn’t stop drawing, bombarding my instagram with comic strips and sending my friends perhaps, too regular post. 


I want to make people laugh and that is why my drawings are silly.

They make me laugh. I think that nonsense is the best thing for that. 

Bird and Cat
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